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Where to eat in Pyrgos Village

Restaurants in Pyrgos Village

When it comes to dining in Pyrgos Village, the options are numerous and can satisfy the most diverse food preferences, while, at the same time, give a flare of the local cuisine and local recipes.

“Agaze” is our affiliated bistro and restaurant, where we also serve breakfast. Agaze is familly run and has local recipes, traditional dishes and great views to the sea. It is open from early in the morning, until late at night.

In the village, you will find Selene,  the most famous restaurant in the island, run by Giorgos Hatzigiannakis. Giorgos was the first to place a huge emphasis not only on local recipes, but also on locally grown products, such as Santorini Fava (a local type of beans), Santorini Tomatoes (the small water deprived tomatoes), Santorini Kaparofylla ( local leaves) and other. Starting Selene as early as in 1985, he created a world renowned restaurant, with menus that always include the best of local products. Today, Selene is located in Pyrgos Village, has easy car access and superb views to the South, from its great veranda. Selene is on the upper side, in terms of price. If you prefer lower prices, right next to Selene is “Selene Meze”, its brother restaurant, with equally qualitative menus and more reasonable prices.

Botargo is also a famous restaurant in the village. It is located right at the top of the hill, with superb views to the South East. Its menu is centered around fish, with plenty of locally grown products.  In terms of price, it is on the upper side. Keep in mind that you will have to walk up to the top of the hill, to get there.

Kantouni” and “Brusco” are two café-restaurants that are the landmark of Pyrgos Village. Located right on the central square, actually next to one another, they share a nice big veranda, among pine trees.  Open all day long, you can find nice breakfast in the morning, great café and ice creams in the afternoon and nice food up until midnight.  Once you arrive in the center of the village, you will find these two great café-restaurants to your left. Reasonable prices and lots of options for food and drinks.

Mythos Restaurant, is another landmark of our village and is located right across our hotel. It is the most well-known typical Greek style tavern in the village, if not in the island. Starting from as early as noon, you will be offered numerous options, ranging from grilled meat, up to local dishes. Nektarios, the owner, is famous for his smile and for his warmth in approaching guests, as well as for his dishes. A great veranda with sea views is available, while on Thursdays, you can enjoy live Greek music and  take part in Greek dancing lessons. Mythos also do take away and will deliver even at the most difficult to reach places. Prices are very reasonable.

Kallisti Tavern,  is another Greek Tavern, located at the center of the village with a big veranda. Nice typical Greek food, numerous options. Reasonable pricing. Once every week, you can enjoy live music.

Cava Alta is a nice restaurant, just meters up from the central village square, with a great veranda and nice views to the South.  The menus are both traditional and innovative and prices are reasonable. Very easy access, by foot.

Rosemary is a restaurant with nice views to the eastern part of the island. Located just next to Zannos restaurant, it has a nice terrace and menus that are mostly international. Some walking is needed to get there.

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