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Nightlife in Santorini

Greece has always had a great reputation regarding its vibrant nightlife. In particular, the summer breeze, the colors of the sky at sunset, the sea and the desire to let yourself go recall the Greek islands. The excellence of holiday fun is here: in the Cyclades, which during the summer season attracts a multitude of visitors. In particular, Santorini is one of the most feverish islands in terms of bars, restaurants and clubs. The natural beauty of this volcanic island, which many people continue to tying the fate of the legendary Atlantis. Just walking in the evening, at sunset, along its picturesque alleys or to sit in one of the many small squares with a nice cold breeze, is itself an exciting experience. For those who are looking for something more specific, we recommend to choose the capital, Fira (also called There or Thira), where you can find the most of the bars and night clubs of Santorini. In the capital Fira the center best served in the whole island, we find a multitude of cafes, bars and clubs in general ready to ensure so much fun and excellent food. Among the bars Franco’s is still one of the best places to spend the hours of happy hour, even if prices are not so low (be prepared to pay about $9 to each drink). For prices most reasonable go to Café Canava and Bar Renaissance (at the Loucas Hotel). Towards the square, at the Kirathira you’ll have the opportunity to listen to jazz music at a level which allows the conversation. Cross the main road and turn around the shopping area to find several interesting cafes.

Among the many locals present we propose the following ones.

For the night life in Fira: Enigma Club, Enigma Cafè, since 1979 one of the best locals in Santorini; Koo Club, built right on the edge of the Caldera, it remains one of the most impressive local of the island, the absolute place to spend long nights full of fun. Numerous vibrant events, while for those who are looking for romance there are three bars outside where you can relax under the stars. Bonjour Café is a modern cafe bar, open all day. Different varieties of coffee, soft drinks, cocktails and snacks. Open from early morning until late at night after midnight. Tropical Bar a place where people of all ages meets for a wide range of musical styles. The staff is the soul of the place moving hyperactive all night long. The balcony offers a splendid view on the volcano caldera, nestled at 250meters above the sea level. Lots of music, people and drinks. Two Brothers is a very popular and crowded local, surely the trend among young people. Amazing rock music. Murphy’s Bar it seems that every city in the world needs to host at least one irish pub. Well, this is the contribution of Santorini to the tradition of the great Ireland, and is also pretty good. After so long it continues to be a popular meeting place for beers and drinks. Located right next to the Koo Club and Enigma.

For the night life in Kamari and Perissa: on the opposite side of the island, in the villages of the beaches of Kamari and Perissa, there is another kind of night life in course. The beaches are covered with a seemingly endless chain of outdoor bars on the beach, each more crowded and trendiest than the other. This type of trend of nightlife beach is relatively recent in Santorini, a big business for the south east of the island which has combined the natural beauty of the island with the large and growing demand for fun and entertainment. Among the locals I mention in particular: Taboo (popular hotspot of the night life, very trendy and a must try). Question Mark Beer House it needs to be mentioned only for the variety of seventy different brands of beer on offer. Perfect for lovers of the beer after a long day in the beach. Dom Club perfect meeting point for people who loves clubbing, one of the liveliest local in the whole island.

Night life in Oia: the Oia sunset is one of the most beautiful sunset in the world (try to believe it), the panoramic view on the Caldera is really breathtaking, an experience that nobody should lose. The night life in this little locality is more relaxed and romantic. Among the locals in Oia I prefer to mention: Pelekanos Cafè and Restaurant, situated in a beautiful zone with a furnished bar in a balcony with an amazing view on the sea. Music and classic tracks, from the local tradition to jazz.

For the night life in Firostefani: A name for everyone in Firostefani is the Mylos Café, an original windmill turned into one of the island’s most chic cafes. The photo beside here gives a really poor idea of the real amazing view.

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