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Santorini’s Wines

Santorini is famous for its wines. After the volcanic eruption in 1650 BC, which has covered the island of lava, ash and pumice, perfect conditions were created for the production of a really distinctive wine. The main grape is Assyrtiko, from which it derives a superb wine for dry desserts. The typical Santorini’s wine is precisely the Assyrtiko. The vineyards are cultivated in low peaks shaped like baskets to protect the grapes from the strong wind. Despite the summer drought and the dry nature of the island, the quality of the crops is ensured by the constant contribution of water, thanks to the night mist during hot summers and for the refreshing north winds. Santorini’s white wine is completely dry, it has a citrus aroma and thanks to the volcanic nature of the soil is lightly smoked and a bit fizzy. The main dessert wine is called Vin Santo. It can be by its own nature sweet or robust, it is aged in barrels at least two years and is distinguished by its smooth taste with its crème brulee, chocolate and dried apricots flavor.

The varieties of white wine are Aidani, Assyrtiko, Athiri; the red ones are Liatiko and Mandilaria. The most famous wines of Santorini are Nixteri, dry white wine based on varieties of Assyrtiko; Vinsanto sweet red or white wine which was the wine of the Eucharist in the Ortodox Church and Brousko, limited in the area of the Latin domination of high acidity, this determines its coarse taste. It’s possible to visit some of the wineries of Santorini, the visits also includes a tour of vineyards, the equipment and the underground cellars. They are opened just from March to November.

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